BY ANURIKA AZUBUIKE - Founder and Managing Partner, Marketplace Innovation Africa

Attention Business Founders Who Want To Build High-growth businesses


Why this practical, easy-to-digest book is an essential read for you

6 years ago, I was still putting my head down buried in my professional work, but I knew something was missing. And when I made the decision to raise my head up, I started to try things that were totally outside of my comfort zone, failing and getting back up again. 

It has been an experience that has opened up doors of opportunities and given me the capacity to become one of the leading voices in Business Improvement and Innovation in Africa, working with over 10,000 businesses.

I have gained valuable lessons from my experience and gone ahead to become a trusted advisory to billion-dollar businesses and thousands of small to medium sized enterprises, seeing them multiply their growth by as much as 65% within a few months. 

This book offers tried and tested principles on how you should think about business, growth and innovation in an ever-changing market.

Here is what’s inside:

  • The single most-important reason why passion will leave you broke
  • The #1 Thing about Innovation that can skyrocket your business revenue right away
  • How to use ‘The Innovation Compass’ to guide you in taking advantage of market shifts
  • Break through the noise with your messaging, stand out and stand in your own power
  • Capture the right attention that can build you a loyal tribe of buyers and promoters
  • Finding the goldmine in your business that the market is hungry, willing to pay for, and will choose you for

About the Author

Anurika Azubuike is the Leading Expert in Marketplace Alchemy, an Excellent Business Transformation Consultant, and one of the Influential voices in Business Improvement and Innovation in Africa.

Spanning almost two decades, she has worked with Business Founders, Leaders and Managers in various organisations across diverse industries to radically transform their Businesses by delivering quick wins and long-term results for scale and profit.

She has had a rewarding career as a Marketing Communications professional working with the most exciting brands locally and globally, providing Marketing, Strategic Communications and Reputation Management Services to companies such as Google, Procter & Gamble, CNN, European Union, Nokia, Coca-cola, Unilever, Guinness, Dell, General Electric, among a host of others, and more recently the International Finance Corporation (IFC) where she co-ordinates Internal and External Communications in Nigeria.

With her extensive, practical experience driving business growth and transformation, she created the concept, Marketplace Alchemy™ – a revolutionary process for turning businesses from ordinary to extraordinary.

Anurika is the Founder and Managing Partner at Marketplace Innovation Africa – a Management Consulting practice focused on delivering culturally-relevant strategies for Businesses in Africa for Africans. She is a graduate of Mass Communication and an alumna of University of Leicester, UK where she obtained a Masters in Business Administration.